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Dark soil hits the earth
where nothing ever was.
The stones wither away,
through footsteps came their loss.
And there is no-one there,
except the withered stone
that never fades away where
I wander alone.

A road covered in dust
from decaying matter,
thriving by a black wall.
And in this society’s latter
days of existence, there
will be found a fresh stone
that never fades away where
I wander alone.

The Betrayer of society,
a humanoid, you were!
Dysfunctional in mind
as you killed both me and her.
On the road, where I sought too,
will never be found a stone,
nothing born anew.
I wander alone.
I wander alone with you.

A door to happiness was closed,
a dark evening, amongst flowers.
After a long, hard series or roasts,
wherein nothing ever made sense.
And thus you left me broken
and confused, forever.

I supported what was mine, you
supported what was yours.
Even though yours was mine too,
it was the only thing I could do.
You assured me it changed nothing;
it did. It shattered all my hope.

I’m too important to be left
like this, after a chain of nothing.
And although it feels like theft,
what happened wasn’t, at all.
Don’t put friendship over friendship,
as only our happiness will suffer.

A door to happiness was closed,
never to be opened again.

Under eternal sunshine
in the landscape of warmth
exist no equals.
Everyone is different
in the endlessness of the sands.

From the hourglass that turns
a new spring dawns
until the sand runs out.
An empty void is created
where earlier there was life.

The darkness and cold
prevents an awakening
on the journey to spring.
Dead is the leaf
that carries me home.

As an angel from the skies
you descended onto earth.
On your landing flowers now rise,
as you gave dead soil its birth.

You travelled the world, saw lands,
and there somewhere, you met me.
You blew my darkness as winds blow sands,
away, away. Never more to be.

In the darkest of days,
you showed me the light.
I was lit by your gorgeous face
when elsewhere, all was night.

Always there will come the day
and so too in the life of mine.
But when I do pass away,
never forget your touch divine.

They are calling,
they want to hear,
they want to say,
they make me fear,
they make me cry
a lonely tear.

They are shouting,
in nature they braid.
They crave for silence,
they make me afraid.
They took my lovely lass,
the voices in the grass.

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