Spread Your Wings

Reality is nothing without the hope,
of those who treasure it.
Life sees people coming and going,
an endless circle of change.
Everybody gets their chance,
only a few will seize it.
Time pass into history,
future becomes present.
In the middle stands a person,
you among strangers.

The shape of an orange,
the sound of a storm.
Without hands or ears,
they cease to exist.
Rain dripping slowly
down your forehead.
The sun warming up the world,
the night cooling it down.
As we are all waiting for peace,
we know it will come.

There is an end to all happiness,
happiness in all sadness.
Inspiration to beget from
strange things you don’t know.
Ages want you to grasp it,
that is why you have fingers.
Time and place are here to help,
spread your wings out; fly
As you seize the opportunity,
a child’s hand reaches for Heaven.

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