To Aldin

In the cold hours of the morn
I found you laying cold.
I knew it would be a day of mourn,
the last of a life so bold.

The night before, you were eager
to feel my warmth and love,
alas, gone was your vigour,
travelling to the above.

Your life was filled with wonder,
awake both day and night;
I will come see you yonder
when my time is right.

The last message you sent me
will never be forgot.
A moment which you lent me,
that I’ll relive a lot.

I wished for you to abide,
not to crack my hardened shell.
I was there by your side,
until your last heartbeat fell.

Thank you for your time, my friend,
you’ll always be with me.
Now a hole of pain I must fend,
until you again I’ll see.

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