Centuries of Past Inventions in Vein

Throughout history, mankind have told stories. I shan’t recite every medium from the cave paintings via spoken language and singing, the printing press which opened for printed media such as books and newspapers, to the telephone, radio, television and the Internet. I just want you to imagine how much work lies behind every single medium up to date, how many tiny inventions were needed and how many working hours and creative minds were involved only to allow the radio to work.

Why I ask this of you, you say? Well, the simple explanation is that most modern media are used only to broadcast and publish stories, news items and entertainment that are of no value whatsoever. Have a glance at the website of The Sun, listen to your local popular radio station, turn on your television on any channel but a pure news broadcaster and tell me what you see. Are you going to remember it in a year? Is it of any value to your life? Do you think you or anyone around you will experience life as more important after this receiving of information? Of course not! It’s all rubbish.

I’m a fan of generalisation. It does not mean that I believe every modern medium is present only to serve the purpose of devaluating our lives, steal our time and make us even more stupid, but I do feel that for the most part, this is exactly the case. Sadly, though, it is not only the media’s fault that this is the current situation. Tabloid newspapers would only sell and make profit if the public were willing to spend on them, read them and so on. In other words, for a modern medium to survive, it needs an audience, and the stupider the media make us, the more willing are we to fall into their grasp.

Now, there is always one company, one medium or one particular person who’s leading the race. When it comes to modern media today, the scenery is oligarchic. The primary broadcaster of modern rubbish is the Fox Broadcasting Company owned by the News Corporation. I’m pretty sure the names of Robert Murdoch, Chase Carey, David DeVoe, Lawrence Jacobs and James Mordoch is familiar to your ears and eyes. News Corp, as they’re known as, also own such trademarks as The Sun, News of the World, ITV, MySpace and probably the most annoying of them all – the mobile entertainment institution that goes by the name of Jamba!, or Jamster! as it’s known in several English-speaking countries.

Jamba! is a company filled with controversies. Allegedly, they mislead their customers in advertisements by making it easy to get into their expensive mobile subscription services and almost impossible to unsubscribe. If you have spent five minutes watching the commercial break on a youth-oriented channel such as MTV or their German equivalent VIVA, you have surely witnessed one, if not several of their commercials. In fact it is not at all uncommon to see a multitude of the same Jamba! commercials in the same commercial break.

Another horrible company when it comes to the devaulation of television and modern media, is the Dutch Endemol. Yes, that’s right, you have indeed heard the name mentioned before. Ever heard of reality shows such as “Big Brother”, “Extreme Makover: Home Edition”, “The Farm”, “Gay, Straight or Taken” or “Fear Factor”. What did you just ask? Yes, I can guarantee you that they are all from the same company!

It takes class to be able to spit out one show concept after the other, focussed on making money, entertain twats and generally make their audience stupider. I am no foreigner to this, I think I have watched at least one episode of each of the aforementioned shows, and I have to admit I despise them all, I loathe them and their makers, it’s repugnant, dull rubbish, and the worst thing is that I’m actually paying for such “entertainment”. By subscribing to a package of TV channels, out of which I’m only watching a few documentary channels anyway, but regardless of the fact get a bunch of youth-oriented popularising channels as well, my money actually help funding companies such as Endemol to create even more distasteful television show concepts.

So, at this moment of time I have decided that I will no longer pay to see companies such as News Corp. and Endemol devaluate modern entertainment and the lives of their audience. It’s not only common sense, it’s me taking a stand against an institution which seems to think they can mock their audience and funders and make them as stupid as possible to make even more money. It’s preposterous, dishonest, unsincere, impolite, discourteous and incredibly rude.

This is where all the good ideas, creative minds and hours of work and invention has got us over the past centuries. To companies making us stupider for their own profit. I’m sure the key inventors would turn in their graves if they knew. As will I if it continues.

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