The Shadow

The clock sounded twelve times
as I awoke in my leather chair.
“Time to get to bed,” I thought,
arose, but something was there.
On the far end wall of the room,
I saw it, never later forgot;
a shadow on the wall before me,
as I moved, it moved not.

“Shoo! Thou art not real!” I shouted, when
a sudden coolness filled the room.
The intense darkness began to grow
in this hour of horror and gloom.
The clock stopped ticking,
but its ceasing was not all;
for during that silent second of cold,
the Shadow jumped to another wall.

“Begone, pest!” I hissed loudly
but the Shadow did not disappear.
I felt like trapped in this room of mine,
in the house I held so dear.
No sound could be heard, but
the chill I felt clearly stated nay;
it would not move, it would not hide
it would never go away.

To this day the house is still alit,
during all hours of the night.
Several lamps are constantly emitting
the brightest degree of light.
Still, the feeling of cold is present
even from far away.
And if you gaze upon the walls of despair,
the Shadow is still there today.

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