Gastronomy and the Louvre

McDonald’s at the Louvre. It sounds like something is wildly amiss. Like Pepsi and Coca-Cola joining hands to produce the worst-tasting diet cola ever. Louvre used to be a place where art lovers and enlightened people could seek refuge from the zombies that make up most of our modern society, but this proposal is seemingly the Louvre’s true way of appreciating the core of their friends.

Yes, the Louvre has decided it wants to have a tremendous crap on all of the art-loving world. Instead of allowing this McDonald’s restaurant (and even a McCafé) to set down outside, some hundred yards away, it has accepted them inside its buildings.

Frankly speaking, I feel betrayed. They charge an enormous amount of money to allow entrance after spending several hours in a tourist-infested line, and when you now finally gain entry you’re finding yourself at McDonald’s. It’s horrible and terrifying. And rude as well!

So. The Louvre has a lot to do. They’re losing their image as a cultural icon in favour of becoming Americanised and even more commercial than they already were. Why not install a decent French restaurant instead? Welcome to the first installment of the modern money-obsessed aspect of the art world. Botticelli, Michelangelo and Vermeer would spin malevolently in their graves if they knew. For ages.

Oh, and by the way; this text is a wee bit short due to having been written on an iPhone. Sorry!

More information: Telegraph

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