Tor HÃ¥kon (pronounced Tor Hawk-uhn) was born at Rikshospitalet in Oslo around 7:04PM a snowy and cold day in January 1986 by his own mother. The first thing he decided to do, after crying to open his lungs, was to pee in his dad’s pocket, which is a hobby Tor HÃ¥kon in latter years has lost touch with. Well, not the act of peeing, but the target of the peeing.

He has lived his entire life in a town which started only as a yellow trainstation, and today looks like a huge gathering of misplaced bricks and stones. The first issue he found in this town was that all the roadsigns was written in a dialect he couldn’t stand. Later, he learnt that his borough’s website was also written in this strange dialect originating from another part of the country. Later on, this was changed to be written in the local dialect. No one knows why or who did it, but it certainly wasn’t Tor HÃ¥kon himself, although he was very happy to see this.

Tor HÃ¥kon’s spare time has been used for several things through the years. He has played with tiny cars in sand boxes, hidden his glasses in gigantic walls of mailboxes in a nearby village and slid down jumping hills, both with and without ski. From there, the time went on to be used for collecting hockey cards, playing football (soccer) with tiny figurines from kinder eggs, exploration of nearby woods and lakes, music and other interests young men have. Do not misunderstand what I’m trying to say, and if you do, it’s at your own risk! Anyhow, the development stops at his current hobbies; music, litterature, art, photography, football (soccer), sleeping and other whatnots not worth mentioning.

Tor HÃ¥kon got top grades in several subjects during school, although not caring much for neither subjects, teachers nor homework. He was once quoted saying “Freedom is to do what one wants, not what one has to do!”. Another time, he was quoted saying “Patient is he who waits”, but why mention things without relation to this text? Tor HÃ¥kon himself considers a project he did on sleeping as his very best. The class is said to have erupted in a wave of laughter when he provided a practical demonstration on the subject.

Apart from this, there ain’t much to say about him. He is a very regular, boring guy not worth as much as a glance, and that is a description he feels very comfortable with.

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