It all began when Tor HÃ¥kon got a top grade on an essay he wrote for an examination in the subject of Norwegian, in which he explained how annoying mobile phones can be. When discovering this long-hidden talent, he decided to write more, and more often. This eventually resulted in an immense paper tower of strange works, and deformed hands. One can still see traces of the injuries he suffered when looking at his right longfinger, which has currently a large hump on it.

Later, he decided to write on computers and archive all his works on the Internet. A good friend recommended him a site, which was to be’s home for 3 years. The design from 2003 – 2004 can be seen further down this site.

People told him their eyes hurt and their sight was gradually weakened by the design, and after a year he changed the design slightly. It still looked gruesome, and in 2006, Tor HÃ¥kon ordered a domain ( and published a new and better site with a nice design. A year thereafter, 4th March 2006, the current site was released, and Tor HÃ¥kon himself seemed quite comfortable with it. It supports RSS feeds, and even comments. And RSS feeds on comments! It was good stuff…

2 2003 – 2004.

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